FIS Crew Takes on a sweet VT line… 2/4/11

I went out solo today to witness Greg Petrics & Ben Peters tackle a serious line in the Vermont backcountry. This line required some skinning, a rappel, and some mandatory hucks in no fall zones. I wasn’t able to see the rappel from my view, but pretty sure Greg & Ben got some pictures, which should appear on their website in the near future, if not already. http://www.famousinternetskiers.com Watching from a distance I witnessed them achieve their challenging goal, which was really cool to see and take pics.

If you look close you can see Greg’s bright orange pants up top as they were getting ready for their repel.

Ben comes into view after the repel and skiing the narrow strip not visible in this picture.

Greg’s turn

Good work guys..


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  1. Peter

    Awesome Chris, thanks for sharing this with us

  2. Greg

    Thank again for filming Chris! We really appreciated it! Sorry the bulge took so long

    This new site is amazing!

    1. Chris

      No worries and thanks for the commenting on the site, I am new to word press, so still a lot to learn..

  3. katie

    your good

  4. Captain Darkness

    Nice job in Cass’s Gully. If you’d like a bigger mandatory drop, research and ski the “100 inch Chute” on the opposite side right of Elephant’s Head. You’d never know it was there unless you scope it. It’s called the “100 inch Chute” because it’s not skiable until at least 100 inches are at the summit stake.

  5. Cyril

    Don’t know if this site is still active or not but was wondering where you grabbed the shot from. Elephants head?

    1. Chris

      Hard to explain exactly where it was shot, but near Hunter & Dog & LTC if you know where that is.

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