Tired of VT yet? I am not…2/5/11

Nice clear sunny day in the am and Liz Winslow was up for some Winter fun.. I knew of special place where we could find some fresh lines and have a little fun with some cliffs. We had a late start, the weather was nice, but we knew there was a storm approaching for that evening, so we didn’t mess around and headed right to our objective..

Me happy to be playing in the VT mountains.

Liz Winslow ready to go…

Liz Dropping in.

The snow was deep and the landings soft..

My turn,

Liz taking my Never Summer board for a spin.

After many laps, we had to eventually hike back out.. This is what Liz thought about the hike out…


  1. Greg

    NICE! looks like a real fun day!

    1. Chris

      The sun didnt stay out long, but it was fun to go back there and play around for sure..

  2. algebra

    i love that stuff, great reading.

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