Last Days in Vermont 2/26/11

I must say VT really delivered during my month back home. Right up to the end we were skiing/riding epic powder. A Winter to remember for sure. Friday the 25th it started snowing real hard, which gave me mixed feelings.. Part of me was stoked it was dumping as normal when its snowing, but I was also concerned because I was scheduled to fly out on Saturday to begin my trip to Revelstoke BC.

Here is what it looked like on Friday from my front deck.

Luckily it snowed real hard than stopped by Saturday morning, the sun actually peeked out for a bit and dried the roads out as well. Was feeling real lucky and much better about flying out and was confident that my first leg of my trip would be fine. So I decided to head out with my crew to harvest some powder turns at Smuggs just hours before my flight.. It was just too hard to resist.

Liz having a blast.

Rhine pushing his limits on Free Fall, but loving the pow..

Evan getting his share.


Liz logging some flight time.

Evan’s line ran away from him here..

Good Times in Vermont over the last month and I am going to miss it, but I have new places and terrain to explore for now.. Revelstoke here I come.

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