Powder Frenzy

Well it’s still coming down as Mammoth nears the 600″ mark for the season and may possibly break more records. Got some mid week POW days in with Ryland Mauck-Duff of Mountain High Freeride and Mike Carr who couldn’t have come at a better time. Words can’t even describe how good the skiing has been at Mammoth. Some serious storm riding brought many smiles on the lower mtn, but It cleared up on Tuesday afternoon between systems and we got word the top was going to pop for a few hours and it did. We were all over it and man was it good.. Lots and lots of photos from the last three days. Ryland is wearing the Green Jacket and Mike with the Blue. Please enjoy! -Chris

Mikes Buddy Brad

Ryland decided to point Kiwi Flats…

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  1. atomicboy

    Way to get out there boys and take care of business. There are some great shots in there. Thanks for being calm and actually stop to take some photos because lord knows I couldn’t do it.

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