Mt. Washington, NH 4/30/11

Greg Petrics of The Famous Internet Skiers, Kristin Connors, Christian Theberge, and myself ventured up Mt. Washington not knowing what the day was going to have in store for us. When we arrived at the base, it was cloudy and wet, but the weather forecast was calling for clearing skies, so we kept our fingers crossed as we marched up the mountain in the misty clouds.  As we reached the top and started checking out possible lines, it was as if someone just hit a switch and the sky began to open up before our eyes. The rest of the day we were ripping down nice spring corn under the sun.  I’ve been itching to get up there for a while now and I was very thankful to have a great crew to spend the day with making some really fun turns and just having a good old time.  Please enjoy the pics from our day.  Keep an eye out on  Greg’s site  for a more detailed trip report and more pics from our adventure.  -Chris

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