12/13 Mammoth Part 1

After a long day of traveling from Vermont to Mammoth Lakes, California I was pumped to get up to the mountain and see how things were looking. It was drizzling in town when I arrived around 10pm, luckily on the Mountain the temps were low enough to have snow. The mountain has been getting slammed by storms the week before leaving a nice solid base, which is great for this time of year. We arrived the next morning to blues skies, fresh snow, and the top ready to open. The stoke level was high and many great turns were had. The best part was the place was empty, which is a real treat for Mammoth. Take a look at some shots from the day and enjoy..

My jaw dropped when I saw the coverage in the Paranoids, which is where we spent most of our day..

After seeing climax on the way up we just had to make a lap there first. Glad we did.

Nick says “it’s good”

Our new ski friend Joe.

After Climax we headed over to 23 to get back up top.

Joe charging down with style.

Nick finding some soft snow

Looking back up at my tracks.

Greg cruising down P4

Nick does the same.

Joe and I decided to hit Phillipe’s, which is never filled in this time of year. It was late in the morning and no one had made a track down it so we couldn’t help ourselves. Its a steep, no fall zone line so my anxiety was high for sure. Here is Joe dropping in.

Here is a pic that Nick took of me coming out of the line alive. Those rocks are the reason you do not want to fall in this chute..

A couple shots in Monument at the end of our day.

My first day out already made my trip worth it for me. I love this place.

Stay tuned for more!

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