Roaming The Eastside

The Eastern Sierra Mountains pull me in like a magnet. Every year I go back and every year I become more & more addicted. I want to see whats behind every bend, climb as many peaks as I can, and shred everyline on my list..haha! Its somewhere I plan to return to for the rest of my life. Having good friends and touring partners to bag peaks, ride new lines and share these epic times with out in these mountains is just the best therapy I could ever get or want. I believe I got in 14 days touring on my splitboard and did 2 days storm riding at Mammoth Mountain. It was a good run indeed. I even got two days surfing down at Trestles.

Here is some video of my snowboarding adventures on the Eastside. It contains GoPro, 7D footage, and stills.

The first day we went out surfing, I stayed on the beach and filmed a few video clips with My friends point and shoot camera before I paddled out. Although my arms were out of shape, I had a blast and really enjoyed the 9′ longboard I borrowed. I only filmed for 5 or 10 mins, but put together this 1.5min clip for fun.

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