30 miles on Catalina Island

After a fun day of splitboarding and surfing my friend Nick and I decided to take a day off. Only to prepare for a backpacking trip on Catalina Island. We did some research and planned out a 30 mile hike over 3 three days and 2 nights. We took a ferry into Two Harbors from San Pedro and left Catalina from Avalon into Dana Point. The pink on the map below is where we hiked. And bright yellow spots are where we camped along the way.

Leaving San Pedro

When the island got real close, I knew right then this was going to be an epic trip.

Two Harbors

After setting foot in Two Harbors we quickly found the $13.99 breakfast buffet right off the dock where we decided to drink coffee and fill our bellies before our long hike to Ben Weston beach.

Go Time

Spotted this Bison in the distance within the first hour of the hike.

Along the way……

Little Harbor and Shark Harbor was pretty awesome, we took in some views, filled our water bottles, took some pictures and headed off since we still had a couple hours of hiking left before we got to our final destination. Here is what Little/Shark Harbor looked like.

Eventually we made it to Cottonwood Beach, but didn’t stay to hang out. We were anxious to get to our camp beach.

Our first look at Ben Weston Beach…. WOW just WOW!

Before we made the scramble down, we checked out a bunker from WW2.

It appeared someone was down at the beach already. Turned out to be a couple older guys surfing the nice swell. They were super nice, filled us in on some local secrets, gave us some pre-made breakfast burritos, then took off. Burritos were much better than my oatmeal.

The place was amazing. I was super stoked to be able to get to spend the night there.

Nick hunting for crystals.

Crushing it!

Dinner Time!

Doesn’t get much better then this.

Some shots in the morning.

It was really hard to leave this special place, but we had a ferry to catch in Avalon in two days. This is a spot I hope to return to someday.

We left the Trans Catalina Trail back in little harbor, so we could hit our detour at Ben Weston, now we had to take another detour to get back to the main trail. This alternate route brought us by a really cool vineyard, which I was glad we didn’t miss.

Covering some ground

Lunch stop

BBQ Tri-tip sandwiches and DBL IPA for lunch, can’t complain..

Now we had to stumble our way to BlackJack campground.

Soap stone along the way.

Cool Tree

Nice campground, with our own water, two picnic tables, firepits, toilets.. That’s all nice, but I almost wish I was still at the beach spot..

Got a good nights sleep and we were up early and ready to go.

Then there was this guy. He was pretty close, so I didn’t want to hang out to long. Just enough time to say hello and snap a few pics.

Finally we could see Avalon where we were headed and where our adventure would come to an end.

Things were a little strange when we made it to town. We felt very out of place..


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