A Fall mix up – 2013

What can I say, this Fall has been just great. October offered some spectacular foliage and good weather. I think some of the best mountain biking days of the year were in October this year and we had some pretty sweet skiing for November in Northern Vermont. Check out some of the stoke below.

One of the better foliage seasons I’ve seen in VT.

Before we knew it snow was visible in the mountains.

Which means one thing……. Time for some grass skiing with Dalton Harben and Taylor VanRoekel.

But not long after that some sneaky storms dumped some serious pre season snow in the Northern Greens and we headed to Jay Peak to check it out…. Think this was November 12 or 13th.

We were very pleased.

After the unexpected powder frenzy up at Jay Peak and knowing that Winter was right around the corner, it was important to get one last mtn bike ride in before hanging up the bike for the year. With Evan Waldman & Owen Packard.

Since we got that out of our system and some new snow fell in the Mountains for the Thanksgiving Holiday weekend it was time to switch back to the splitboard. I was up early on Thanksgiving morning to make some turns and get some exercise before consuming an awesome meal and plenty of IPA. I was very thankful indeed. Here are my morning turns.

I think I like White Friday better than Black Friday. It was awesome to get out with some fellow splitters and track up some left overs. Thanks for an awesome day Jim Deshler, Danielle Owczarski, Jess Graham, & Dalton Harben who we met at the summit. Good Times!

And on December 1st we went looking for more left overs and discovered the wind did a good job of filling in some steeper lines we don’t normally ski this time of year.

Dalton Harben making some nice turns down upper Madonna Lift line.

Rhine charging down.

Evan Waldman knows this trail way to well and knows exactly where to point em.

Rhine again

Dalton getting in on some early season steeps.

You never really know until you go.

Looking forward to see what Winter actually brings.

Thanks for visiting!

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