Winter 2014/2015 – Utah

With little to no snow in California we made a couple trips to Utah to chase some storms. Utah wasn’t having the best season either, but we took what we could get and the drive isn’t that bad from the Eastern Sierra.

Our first trip over was early New Years day after drinking and partying in Mammoth Lakes for NYE. Luckily I didn’t have to drive.  It was a perfect test for Nick’s new slide in, pop-up camper setup.

I haven’t had much experience in the Utah mountains, so I was looking forward to see what it had to offer. Was blown away with the amount of easy access backcountry terrain in Little Cottonwood Canyon and Big Cottonwood Canyon. Luckily we met up with our buddy Kyle who knew his way around.

We first however stopped at a little mountain in the southern part of the state called Eagle Point for a few lift laps.

Nick finding the goods

Our first day in LCC was a little overcast, but Kyle was able to get us into some good lines with some amazing snow.  I’ll let the pics tell the story.

The next day things cleared a bit and we decided to go for a little bigger line in the same zone. It was also nice to get a better view of the awesome terrain that surrounds.

This one looks like it’ll do.

Kyle dropping in.

Nick’s turn.

It was another great day in the mountains.

Later in the Season I chased a little storm to another small resort in Southern Utah with my roommate. Here are a few shots from that quick trip.

Even for a low snow year in Utah, we were able to get many powder turns under our belt. I’ll be back for sure. The couple trips we made this Winter did the trick for us powder starved folk in California.





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