Winter 2014/2015 – California

Man O Man, another tough season for California, sometimes you just have to make the best of it.

With the lack of snow, touring was very limited.  We did receive snow in the higher terrain, but it was slim pickins. Mammoth Mountain did a great job staying open for the season, but there were times it was looking pretty rough.

Its the Eastern Sierra and regardless if there is snow or not  there is no other place like it in my opinion. To be honest I had a lot of fun days on and off snow. It’s all what you make of it really. Plus it’s California, so there was plenty of surfing and mountain biking to be had as well.. Here is what one of the worst Winters in California looked like. 😉

Curly knows how to get after it.

Leb digging deep

Solo boot pack up this chute with the solid board.

Had an awesome windbuff day with Leb at Mammoth. The mountain was empty and 23 was getting refills from the wind all day long. We made a lot of laps.


Our tracks were filled in every lap.

When we did actually get a little snow it was nice to hit one of my favorite zones.

Leb slashing some nice turns in some much needed pow.

View from up top never gets old.

Me in my happy place.

Nick in the whiteroom

Greg making some nice turns at Mammoth.

Greg dropping into one of my favorite lines on the Mtn.

Greg snapped this one of me.

Back in the skinner with Nick

Zak Mills? I think ripping down this line in the distance.

Loved this line.

First time I had been to this zone. I was once again solo, so kept it on the mellow side.  Climbed to the top of the summit on the right.

The views did not suck.

Some nice creamy turns were had.

The conditions sucked, but it was cool to get up to Bloody before my trek back to VT.




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